Croft and Barrow: The Best Clothes for Your Body

If you’re not familiar with Croft and Barrow, it’s one of the top name brands in men’s and women’s clothing. I decided to buy some Croft and Barrow clothes to see what the buzz was all about, and my experience was great! I ended up getting two pairs of pants, two shirts, and two ties. After that first shopping trip, I knew Croft and Barrow had earned its reputation for being one of the best clothiers around. Now that I have Croft and Barrow clothes in my closet, I’m never going back!


I was in the market for some new clothes. I had been shopping around, but nothing seemed to fit me. I tried on all sorts of clothes from every store imaginable, but nothing seemed to work. It wasn’t until I found Croft and Barrow that I found my perfect fit. They were able to tell me exactly what size clothes would look best on my body type – which is really helpful because sometimes those sizes aren’t always obvious! And the best part? They have an amazing selection of colors and styles so it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing something everyone else has worn before.


I have been a Croft and Barrow customer since I was a teenager. A few years ago, I started buying their clothes again when I realized how great they are for my body type. With Croft and Barrow’s great selection of clothes, sizes, and styles, it is easy to find something that will fit you well! Their clothes are designed with high-quality fabric in mind so that you can feel good about wearing them out in public. What’s more, the prices are reasonable given the quality of the clothes; you don’t have to spend an arm or leg on high-end designer clothing when there is such an affordable option available!


At Croft and Barrow, we believe in the power of well-fitted clothing. We take the time to find out your body type, give you a personal fitting with one of our expert fitters, measure every inch of your body from head to toe (literally), then assemble a wardrobe that complements your shape. 

We’re not like other retailers who sell clothes by size. Our custom sizing system ensures that nothing fits better than clothes tailored for you at Croft and Barrow. We will never sell you something that doesn’t work with the natural shape of your body or make you look good. When we say custom sizing, we mean it!


Everyone is different, with different shapes, sizes, bodies. What works for one person might not work as well for another. That’s why Croft and Barrow has so many styles to choose from; they want you to find the best clothes that are made just for your body. When it comes to sizing, they offer a variety of options in order to make sure you’re getting the best fit possible. For example, some people wear a larger size on top than on bottom or vice versa – Croft and Barrow offers a variety of options like this to ensure that you get the perfect fit. Whatever your shape or size may be, there’s something at Croft and Barrow that will work for you!

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