Surnagov Digital Team: The Best Instagram Accounts to Follow

Surnagov is an innovative company that’s dedicated to making your life easier by providing easy access to the latest information and best products on the market. One of the ways they do this is by using Instagram, so if you want to see what they’re doing, who their new hires are, or find some great new products to try, follow these Surnagov Instagram accounts and get involved with the Surnagov community!

@surnagov – the account to follow for amazing travel photography

@surnagov is a travel photography account that captures the beautiful moments of the world and makes you want to travel. They take photos around the world including Europe, India, and Nepal. For example, they have a photo of a kid standing on top of what looks like an old boat in Greece with these mountains in the background. It’s pretty great! 

Follow them now!

@digital_team – the account to follow for creative and inspiring digital content

The Surnagov Digital team is a collective of digital creatives from around the world. The account features work by designers, illustrators, photographers, and developers who are all inspired by their culture and environment. Their posts are full of amazing photos and illustrations, as well as intriguing commentary about the world we live in. This account is great for creative inspiration or just for people who want to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the design industry.

@surnagov_dt – the account to follow for behind-the-scenes glimpses of the Surnagov team in action

@surnagov_dt is the go-to account for a behind-the-scenes look at what life is really like at Surnagov. These posts show the team hard at work, making sure all of our accounts are maintained and updated as needed. We also love following their adventures as they explore new places, from ski trips in Quebec to days on the beach in Cabo San Lucas. Keep an eye out for posts documenting major events too!

@surnagov_media – the account to follow for all the latest news and updates from the Surnagov team

The Surnagov team has been hard at work for the past six months and we are finally ready to share with you what we have been working on. We hope that our project inspires other start-ups in Belarus and helps them navigate the digital world. We’re so excited that you can finally follow us on Instagram @surnagov_media! – Aleksandr Chernyshov, Project Manager

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