What You Need to Know About Metro PCS

If you are looking to make your move from one cell phone provider to another, it is important to learn about the various options that are available. Among the things to consider are the prices, coverage, plans, and speeds. The more you know about them, the easier it will be to find the best plan for your needs.


Metro PCS plans offer users a lot of data for a reasonable price. These plans use a cellular network, not Wi-Fi, and the price you pay is based on the amount of data you use.

If you are looking for unlimited data, you should consider the Metro PCS Unlimited Plus Plan. This plan includes unlimited data, unlimited talk, and Amazon Prime. It also includes Google One cloud storage. Then you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies on your phone.

The company offers unlimited texting as well. In addition, you can get the service for just $25 a month. That is amazing value for a lot of basic tasks.

There are also plans for families. You can save $10 a month if you pay for three lines. And you can save $15 a month if you have four lines.


Metro PCS is a prepaid wireless service. It is owned by T-Mobile US. There are various plans to choose from. Some of them include extra data, international calls, and more.

The network offers excellent coverage in most parts of the country. However, you should check your zip code to see if your area has the Metro PCS coverage you need.

If your area does not have the coverage you need, you can upgrade to a newer phone. Also, consider using a wireless hotspot. Many smartphones have Wi-Fi calling features. When you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can call, text, and make video and photo calls. You can also connect to a WiFi hotspot at businesses that have WiFi-capable phones.

The Metro PCS website recommends checking the coverage area before purchasing. While it is true that there are areas in the west that don’t have coverage, it’s important to know that some cities like Las Vegas have a large amount of coverage.


Metro PCS offers a number of different options for users. While it may not be the fastest mobile service provider in the market, it has some perks over other competitors. For instance, it features a family plan with unlimited data.

While it is true that Metro PCS has better coverage than its competitors, it also has some drawbacks. The company’s speedy LTE network isn’t quite as fast as Verizon’s, for example.

Similarly, it doesn’t offer a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. Additionally, it doesn’t have as many phones on the market as its rivals. If you’re looking for a high-end smartphone, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

The company offers some unique options like Amazon Prime. It even provides exclusive travel deals. However, the company hasn’t matched its rivals in customer service.

Data maximizer feature

The Data Maximizer feature of Metro PCS will go live on Thursday, November 19. It’s an option to maximize video streaming with a limited amount of data. Unlike T-Mobile’s Binge On, it’s not free.

When you’re using Data Maximizer, you can watch up to three times more streaming videos. By optimizing the video streaming process to the ideal resolution for your phone, you can watch more while staying within your quota. This feature also allows you to watch HD videos at an SD quality, which will help you conserve data.

The Data Maximizer will increase your video viewing experience with just the click of a button. Whether you’re on the go or connected via Wi-Fi, it will help you stream video at the right resolutions for the best video viewing.


Metro PCS is a subsidiary of T-Mobile, which offers cell phone plans with a wide variety of options and services. You can check prices online for a new Metro PCS plan or visit a store to order.

The company provides good service with excellent network coverage. Its network also supports 5G technology from T-Mobile, which gives you high speed internet. Moreover, you can enjoy unlimited calls and SMS, as well as an access to Amazon Prime.

As an existing customer, you can also get special services. For instance, you can get a discount on a new phone or an upgrade.

Before you can make an upgrade, you need to have an active account and pay a small activation fee. However, there is no free upgrade option for existing customers.